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sleep medicine

919 S UNIVERSITY AVE \ BEAVER DAM WI 53916 \ 920-887-4320 \ FAX: 920-885-4952

Sleep Soundly Again

BDCH recognizes the serious effects of sleep disorders, as well as the many benefits of a good night’s sleep. Sleep disorders can seriously interfere with emotional and physical health, often leading to depression, reduced concentration, heart disease and hypertension.   

That’s why BDCH opened a spacious, state-of-the-art Sleep Center at 919 S. University Ave. The Sleep Center provides patients with a quiet, soothing and secluded space dedicated to delivering positive outcomes for those struggling with sleeping disorders. 

Among the special features of BDCH’s Sleep Center is the dedicated pediatric room, which has an adjoining room for parents. It is the only dedicated pediatric sleep medicine room in the region, and is designed to bring comfort to both children and parents. The Sleep Center easily accommodates bariatric patients and our at-home sleep studies include more than the basic standards most other sleep centers provide.

The advanced Sleep Center enhances BDCH’s state-of-the-art sleep lab system, which allows our team of clinical experts to perform advanced sleep studies. BDCH’s professional Sleep Center staff includes board-certified sleep physicians Dr. Jacalyn Nelson and Dr. A. Danny Yaish, registered technologists and specifically trained sleep medicine nurses. Sleep studies can be scheduled for patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We understand that waiting to address your sleep concerns can be difficult, which is why we guarantee to offer a scheduled sleep study within four weeks.

Once the sleep study is completed, a sleep specialist reviews and interprets the record and assists both the patient and the physician to better understand the individual sleep pattern. Treatment recommendations are then made if evidence of a sleep disorder is found.

Patients who want to schedule a sleep study are encouraged to visit their primary care physician or contact the BDCH Sleep Center at 920-887-4320.



Anna Zastrow and her 3-year-old daughter Clare, a former patient at the Beaver Dam Community Hospital Sleep Center

“I can’t say enough about what they did for us. They were incredibly patient with Clare, made her feel comfortable and made everything a game for her so she felt like the sleep study was being done on her terms.”

— Anna Zastrow, talking about her daughter Clare's stay at the Beaver Dam Community Hospital Sleep Center