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Join us in improving health and wellness


bdch foundation

Together, Let’s Build a Brighter Future

Since 1984, we’ve been proud to offer innovative solutions to the health care needs that matter most in our communities. We’re able to meet those needs thanks to the generosity of donors like you, and we accept gifts for projects within the walls of BDCH, and for health-related initiatives throughout the region.

Each year the Foundation highlights and raises funds for specific areas of need. This year’s Annual Fund Appeal goal is $350,000 and focuses on Hospice Home and Blue Zones Project. Donations to BDCH Foundation, Inc. are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

our mission

The mission of the Beaver Dam Community Hospitals Foundation Inc. is to raise and direct funds in support of BDCH’s local health care and community programs.

our history

On May 21, 1984, local leaders formed BDCH Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting charitable giving for health care needs in local communities. The Foundation, through its board of directors, recognizes the need to support the health and well-being of our region and beyond.



"The BDCH Foundation does tremendous work for the community it serves. It's why so many talented and passionate people come together every year in support of the causes that improve our health and wellness, and it's why my husband (Dr. Seth Barudin) and I agreed to be honorary co-chairs this year."

Elisha Barudin, BDCH Foundation co-chair

Elisha Barudin

Foundation co-chair

foundation INITIATIVES

The Beaver Dam Community Hospitals Foundation asks for your help in reaching the 2016-17 Annual Fund Drive goal of $350,000. The funds raised will help finance the following valuable projects and programs. 


Young couple and baby shopping in grocery store. Dodge County Blue Zones

Living Better, Living Longer


Traveling the world, Dan Buettner discovered five longevity “Hot Spots,” communities where people lived to age 100 at rates 10 times greater than the rest of the world: Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan; Loma Linda, Calif.; Nicoya Costa Rica; and Ikaria, Greece.

Buettner studied these five “Blue Zones” closely and discovered common traits. The Blue Zones organization decided to see if they could leverage this information to help communities across the United States maximize health and wellness.

Blue Zones Project has made its way to Dodge County, Wis., and the multi-year initiative sponsored by BDCH will transform the way we view health and wellness. Utilizing a diverse group of experts from around the country, Blue Zones Project creates a collective understanding of wellbeing. This collaboration brings the community’s individual efforts together, moving everybody toward the mutual goal of improved health and wellness. 


Male doctor with an elderly female patient lying in a bed; Beaver Dam Community Hospital Foundation Hillside Hospice initiative

Compassionate, Community-based Hospice


BDCH Hillside Hospice already provides comfort, care and compassion to people living with a terminal illness so they can fully enjoy their time with friends and family. Though hospice care is usually provided in the patient’s home, staying at home is not possible for everyone. Family members are sometimes physically unable to care for the patient, or live too far away to meet the daily needs of constant care.

There is a growing need for a Hospice Home in our region, and the BDCH Foundation is working hard to raise the funds to meet that need. A Hospice Home will provide a more comforting, home-like atmosphere and caregivers trained specifically in end-of-life care. 



board of  DIRECTORS

A volunteer group of community stakeholders, our Board of Directors takes seriously the responsibility of ensuring that the trust each patient places in BDCH is rewarded with compassionate, high-quality care. We’re fortunate to have such a dedicated group of leaders tackling the many challenges and opportunities the constantly evolving health care landscape presents.



The Partners of BDCH are the Foundation’s unsung heroes. Their hard work and generous spirit drive many successful ventures each year, including the annual BDCH Craft Fair and the Annual Tree of Lights Celebration. Stop by the Gift Shop or follow your nose to their cookie sales and you’ll see their hard work in action.