Local Access to the Standard of Care for Pain Management

Beaver Dam Community Hospital has teamed up with Advanced Pain Management (APM) to expand pain management services to residents throughout the region. Through this partnership, the Pain Center of Wisconsin - Beaver Dam at 1701 N. Spring St. will offer our residents a comprehensive array of innovative, minimally invasive treatments and technology.

The Pain Center of Wisconsin - Beaver Dam is served by Board Certified physicians Dr. Maher Fattouh and Dr. Douglas Keehn.

Living with pain can compromise daily function, contribute to depression, and reduce overally quality of life.  Chronic pain affects more than 75 million adults in the U.S., and is estimated to cost the nation more than $100 billion each year. 

The BDCH-APM Pain Center of Wisconsin - Beaver Dam offers a complete range of pain management interventions provided by physicians with Board Certification and Fellowship Training in Pain Management. 
Personalized Pain Management Treatments
There are many treatment options for the management of pain without narcotics, and through a personalized treatment plan, function can be improved or restored. Our pain management specialists offer many options to treat painful conditions including the following:
·         Cancer Pain
·         Cervical Surgery Syndrome
·         Chronic back and neck pain
·         Fibromyalgia
·         Herniated Disc
·         Headaches
·         Joint Pain
Experienced Physicians
BDCH works with Advanced Pain Management, a recognized industry leader in the management of pain, to provide the highest standard of care for pain relief and restoring function.
Advanced Pain Management is one of the largest pain management groups in the country, with 30 board-certified/eligible physicians offering the most advanced techniques for pain control.

Dr. Maher Fattouh is Board Certified in Pain Management, is a Board Certified Anesthesioligist, is a General Pain Specialist and is Fellowship Trained in Pain Management from Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Fattouh is joined by Dr. Douglas Keehn, creating additional days of service for patient appointment and procedures.