Relax and Reap the Benefits of Certified Massage
Massage is recognized for its many health benefits, such as stress relief, pain reduction, and improved circulation and energy. BDCH certified massage therapists offer a variety of techniques in a choice of 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions. Prices are reasonable, and tips are not accepted.

Swedish Massage
Helps calm the nervous system and relax muscle tension with lighter strokes and pressure techniques.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deeper manipulation of the muscles to reduce pain or discomfort. Helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas.

Hot Stone Massage
A combination of healing touch with smooth stones that are warmed to 120-130 degrees. The heated and oiled stones radiate heat into your muscles and massage away the stress.

Sports Massage
Invigorating treatment that uses stretching and various massage techniques to help improve range of motion, circulation, and flexibility. Sports massage can enhance performance and prevent or treat sports-related injuries.

Maternity Massage
Massage during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, relieve muscle aches and joint pain, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.

Chair Massage
A quick refreshing massage done with the client clothed and relaxing on a specially-designed and very comfortable massage chair. A good way to relax, renew, or be introduced to massage.
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