Hillside Home Care Celebrates 25th Anniversary


On Tuesday, Sept. 20, Beaver Dam Community Hospitals, Inc. Hillside Home Care hosted a concert with the Friesland Community Band and served cake and ice cream in recognition of its 25 years of caring for the Beaver Dam and surrounding communities.
BDCH CEO Kim Miller spoke to those attending about the benefit home care services bring to the community and the high quality of care that Hillside Home Care provides. Lisa White, Director of Hillside Home Care, also addressed the crowd, stating “Our staff come from our community; most have grown up in our community. They understand the strong desire patients and families have to remain at home and they care for them as they would want their own family members cared for. The quality of care we provide comes from the passion the staff have for their work.” From left are Hillside Home Care employees Kathy Bronner, Trixie Schram, Nancy Peters, Diana Siefert, White, Jean Brady and Patty DeVries.