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Hillside Home Care
at an Elite Level

We have achieved Home Care Elite status for nine of the 10 years it has existed.

Home Care Elite measures an agency's quality of care, patient satisfaction, care improvement outcomes and financial performance. For an agency to be awarded Elite status, it must be in the top 25 percent of Medicare-certified agencies.

Also, Medicare provides a Home Care Compare website where you can compare the quality and care of home care agencies in your area. Click on the following link:

From the Community, Caring for the Community

As guests in our patients’ homes, we never forget that our service is more than just treating symptoms; It’s developing a comprehensive health care plan tailored to each patient’s needs.

Home Care offers personalized and comprehensive home care to individuals by a highly trained and dedicated staff of professionals. A Registered Nurse or Physical Therapist will conduct a preliminary evaluation of the types of services needed in your home. A team of professionals, together with family members, physicians and other health care professionals, then work to develop a care plan.

Gifting: A Way to
Say "Thank You"
People often want to show their thanks for good care to the staff members(s) who cared for them. 

Our goal is to always provide the best of care, and each staff member feels honored to share in caring for patients throughout the region. We do not expect any special gifts or thanks in return, and we do not allow staff to take gifts from clients or families.
We do, however, accept donations for our program for the good of future clients and families. If you wish to say “great job” to a staff member who cared for you, you may make a donation in honor of that person to BDCH Hillside Home Care, or to the BDCH Foundation, Inc.